Monday, May 4, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (contains spoilers)

Well, I did wind up going to see Wolverine this weekend, but it wasn't what I expected.

It wasn't as much of a letdown as Spiderman 3 or X-men 3 was to me though.

Hugh Jackman was fine. Liev Schreiber was good too (That run when Sabretooth's about to attack. That was so wild. I loved that. He also cracked me up when he talked about how they created that effect on Empire magazine's website.) I liked his version of Sabretooth better than Tyler Mane's. (Most of the time weird revisionist stuff backfires, like making Phoenix into a personality of Jean Grey's. But in this instance it wasn't so bad.)'s performance as Kestrel...I'm on the fence about that. I didn't know too much about some of the characters that were introduced like The Blob, Deadpool, Kestrel, and Bolt. So, I don't really know how greatly they differ from their original comic book selves. Silver Fox also has a different ability than the comic book version.

I understand why nothing was said about Alpha Flight, but I still missed them just the same.

Making Heather and James Hudson an elderly couple (instead of the age they were in comics) was kind of amusing, but again I missed how this part of his story was told in the comic books/graphic novels.

Young Gambit...Well, he didn't have a Cajun accent that's for sure. I've got to say I would rather have no Cajun accent than a lousy attempt at a Cajun accent though.

Seeing a young Scott Summers/Cyclops was interesting too. My only question is this. Does he have regenerative powers too? I don't remember him having regenerative powers. But if Colonel Stryker took Scott's eyes (there was blood on the bandages over his eyes, so Colonel Stryker did something.) to add to Deadpool's arsenal, how did Scott recover them/his powers?

Or were we all supposed to be paying so much attention to things going boom, that we're not supposed to wonder about things like that? (Nope, not even naked Wolverine distracted me. Sorry. Close, but no cigar.)

Also was it my imagination, or for a split second did it look as if Professor Xavier was completely CGI?

On the Empire website there was also a mention made of easter eggs. I caught all of the ones I found in the Hulk last year during my first viewing. With X-Men Origins: Wolverine, not so much. I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD/Pay per view for my second viewing though.

Hugh Jackman expressed enthusiasm about doing a movie that covers Wolverine's time in Japan. I enjoyed those comics too (Next to the Weapon X graphic novel and the comics where Typhoid Mary was a guest star. The Japan years were a fave of mine too. Wolverine is definitely one of the more fascinating X-men). If he does decide to do that, I hope it's better than this movie was.

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