Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sci-Fi Fantasy Hodge Podge

I was just looking over some of the Comments threads about this season of Lost, particularly the season ender. I ought to be ashamed that this hadn't occurred to me before. Particularly when there was a time when I ate, slept, and breathed anything that had to do with Ancient Egypt.
I still refuse to believe that they (producers, set designers, etc.) would have overlooked the fact that crocodiles don't have ears. Or that they so hastily switched from Anubis to Sobek that the ears were again overlooked. I'm beginning to agree with the person who mentioned Set. The picture they have of Set on Wikipedia even has the ankh in its hand (Not that I think that everything on Wikipedia is gospel, but sometimes it comes through.). The question is which version of Set are we getting? This again raises the question of who is "good" or who is "evil". Is everything really so cut and dried?

Jacob's touches and the horcrux possibility that someone suggested didn't occur to me either (and it should've, because I did read the whole Harry Potter series). Sleep deprivation is not a joke, guess I'm finding that out the hard way.

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