Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A little of this, a little of that...

Got the results to my CT scan today. It came back normal, but my primary care physician is still urging me to see a neurologist. I'll go as I'm curious to see what he has to say. I'm still clinging to the hope that it's just the combination of my sinus troubles and my fibromyalgia that are making me go through hell.

Regrettably, I missed the season finale of Dollhouse. I'm going to have to hit Hulu, I think.

The season finale of Lost is on tomorrow. The wait for the new season of that show is always hard. I'm twice as sad this time around, because next year is it's last year. But, I'd rather have it end while it's still cool, then have it drag on and become a complete mess.

Did they cancel Harper's Island? It wasn't on last week. I missed an episode and now I'm not sure what the deal is.

Another show I like is The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I've read some of the books. There are little differences here and there. I like that the TV series doesn't make Precious Ramotswe such a Mary Sue. I feel kind of sorry for Mr. J.L.B. Matakoni. I don't think Precious is leading him on, but I'm not sure that she loves him in the same way that he loves her.

True Blood comes back on next month. I can't wait. I'm starting to like the show better than I do the books.

While channel surfing, I also recently discovered a show called Deadliest Warrior on Spike. The episode I saw was Mafia vs. Yakuza. They had different segments featuring different weapons on each side. Overall, it was predicted that the Mafia had the edge (which I'm not sure I agree with). I say that it depends...For example, they had a fight with nunchaku (Yakuza) against a baseball bat (Mafia). In this particular battle they said the Mafia would win, but doesn't it depend on the conditions being fought in, and the skill of the warrior?

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