Thursday, May 21, 2009

TV news that suprised me...

Dollhouse is getting another season. I couldn't be more thrilled. For the most part, I enjoy Joss Whedon's shows and comics. I'm a huge BtVS and Angel fan. Firefly was gone before I really got the chance to check it out and get into it (I'm also more into horror/fantasy. With a few exceptions here and there, I'm not quite as into Sci-fi.), so I'm glad this didn't happen with Dollhouse.

Fringe will also be back for another season. I am starting to get into that. I also think that Lance Reddick is pretty cool. I was very disappointed when they killed his character off on Lost. I think his was a character they could have done way more with. Especially with all the island enigmas that still have yet to be solved.

My Name is Earl has been dropped by NBC. That surprised me too. It can be silly sometimes, but I like it's overall message. It's hard for me to catch, because it comes on at the same time as Smallville ( Yeah, I still watch it. Are they going to drag that out for another season? How much longer will it take for Clark to become Superman? Don't get me wrong. Tom Welling still looks fantastic, but time doesn't stand least not in reality.) , so I usually flick between the two, depending on which is more interesting.

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