Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to the machine...

Was looking at my iGoogle newspage, when I spotted a headline something to the effect of "Are Chris Pine and Zach Quinto (He scares me witless when he's in character as Sylar.) the new Robert Pattinsons?" What? Is Mr. Pattinson's (Someone cast him as a young Salvador Dali, I'm like WTF?) 15 minutes up already? Again pops up the short-attention span thing I was blogging about (yesterday?). Is the American public really that fickle? If so, I really think that's sad.

I would also like to crush on somebody for at least a good 5 minutes of said 15 before the dude(s) in question is/are deemed "Hot" and then here comes a stampede of other women like cattle running me over. It's like they lose their minds (I'm not just talking about teenagers here either). After spending some time on a forum centered around one actor, I can honestly say, I will not be doing it again. I have a much better time at forums that are centered around a show or movie, because depending on who's running them, they don't get as crazy .

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