Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Land of the Lost marathon(s) on the Sci-Fi channel

I caught the first one of these they did, which was during the Memorial Day weekend. It's funny, this wasn't even my favorite Kroft show (I had lots of little favorites. HR Pufnstuf definitely stands out. About the only Kroft shows I didn't like were Far Out Space Nuts [Bob Denver was basically still playing Gilligan only in space. It was just as annoying in space.] and The Lost Saucer.) and I found myself sitting in front of the television really getting into these episodes. Now don't get me wrong, the special effects and some of the costumes were pretty awful. (I think I actually tweeted something like "Harryhausen this ain't." or something like that.) But the writing, was actually pretty good in the first season. I noticed some names that I recognized, like Walter Koenig, Ben Bova, and I think there was another sci-fi writer's name I noticed, but I'm drawing a blank. At one point in an episode Rick Marshall cracked me up, because he was describing sleestaks to a parachutist that had somehow wound up in the Land of the Lost as well. (I'm guessing it was one of those pylons that caused it.) But anyway, Rick described it as a "giant insect". I'm like "Huh?" They look more like lizard people to me. Bizarre. To each his own.

The movie version coming out today, differs somewhat. Marshall, Will and Holly aren't related in this version. (It's kind of nice in a way, because I guess it gave the writers and the actors more room to play.) I may go see it and I may not. What I've heard hasn't been good so far. I would rather save my $10.00 if my gut feeling is right. I've still been thinking about going to see Up or Drag Me to Hell too. I'm not sure what I'll do...

Entertainment Weekly did a story on the Kroft brothers. I remember most of the shows the interview/article mentioned except for Lidsville, for some reason, I'm drawing a blank on that one.

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