Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Original Star Trek cast member autobiographies...

Anything and everything will start me on a reading kick. A few weeks ago, the Sci-Fi channel had a Star Trek marathon of sorts. (I was kind of ticked off that there were no episodes of the original Star Trek throne in. This could possibly have been due to some type of legal red tape, but I digress.) This got me to wondering about the cast members of the orginal series. I'd seen Nichelle Nichols book, but had never really gotten around to reading it. Star Trek 2009 coming out was the perfect thing to light a fire under me. I found out stuff about her that I never knew. I never knew that she practiced dance under Katherine Dunham. I never knew that she was a singer and I also never knew how active she was in getting women and minorities to become a part of NASA. She's a wonderful storyteller, and I enjoyed the book so much I couldn't put it down. I've tracked down one of her sci-fi novels, but can't seem to find the other two parts of the trilogy. I'll probably have to go on eBay or Amazon to find them. Until now, I didn't even know she'd written a sci-fi novel. It made me wish that I hadn't waited so long to read her book. As you will find though, when it comes to certain things, I'm a horrible procrastinator, and I'll be the first to tell you. Ms. Nichols will also have the honor of being the first orignal Star Trek cast member whose fiction I've read. I googled and found her Official Website. I sent her an e-mail. I was thrilled not to get a failure notice back. Still, the fact that her website hasn't been updated in about 5 years made me sad. I know it can't be just me out there wanting to get in touch with her. I was so happy when I saw her on Heroes, that I wanted to jump up and down. Believe it or not, I also feel like you should let people know the impact they've made on you, while they're still here. I was lucky enough to be able to tell Eartha Kitt. I wanted to tell Ms. Nichols too.

I may read other Star Trek biographies. I'm hemming and hawwing about reading either William Shatner's or George Takei's. I may or I may not. I've put in orders at the library for Leonard Nimoy's, Grace Lee Whitney's, and Walter Koenig. I was surprised to find Majel Barrett-Roddenberry didn't write one. I thought for sure she did. I'm not really so much into the gossipy tell-all stuff, as I am the behind-the-scenes, this is how we got the idea for that kind of stories. If I could just hit a convention within the next year, [almost] everything would be golden.

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