Sunday, January 13, 2013

Title what title?

Paid off an account, which feels awesome. Within the next two or three years, I hope to close out and pay off more.

Working on various art projects...I feel like I need a different type of paper in my notebooks.  The erasers never seem to work as well as I need them to and I'm not using particularly smudgy media...
I'm working on getting more drawing exercise books too.

I'm still getting voiceover training but it's going very slowly.   It's definitely going well, but slower than I anticipated.  By no means am I giving up.  To me, if something is worth having, it's worth the perseverance.  I'm not so much talking solely material things either, but experiences as well.

My laptop needs a new battery, so I'll be seeing to that.  Hopefully, the Acer people will not be too difficult to work with.  It's funny as high maintenance as laptops and iphones are, I can't really imagine having to get by without mine.  Even if they aren't the most current ones out on the market right now.   I think the only thing that might convince me to get another laptop at some point would be the size and weight of the one I have sometimes make it difficult to travel with, particularly when I fly.

Graduate school...I haven't completely given up on it...but with me trying to cut down on my credit card debt and not wanting to take out more student loans that take over a decade to pay off...I've got some option weighing to do to say the least.

I may go see that new Guillermo del Toro film that's coming out.  Not sure.

Other than that, not much really going on with me right now.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I don't really make New Year's Resolutions anymore.  I'm constantly trying to improve myself, so I think to pick one time of year, to list stuff one may or may not be constantly trying to improve about oneself, or goals you want to achieve...It just seems kind of odd to me the more I think about it.

It's another bizarre way of adding stress to something that shouldn't be stressful.  I want less of that in my life.  That much I do know.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My laptop...

My laptop is acting weird...I've troubleshooted as far as I can and am taking it to get looked at. I don't know what they'll tell me...I'm doing limited stuff from my phone for now...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This, that and Derwent...

Still don't really want to post about really personal stuff but so much here, but I'm going to be on pins and needles tomorrow.  Positivity is key.

Pulled some drawing excercises from the Derwent website.  I'm glad they tweeted me, or else I don't know that it would have occurred to me to go to their website and find them.  

Sorry for the ridiculously short post.  

Still haven't gotten my Misha Photo Op yet, but when I do, I'll post it in the Day 3 entry for NJ Con.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

I love how...

I just noticed that the stuff I post that gets the most views is either In Memoriam posts or when I go to conventions.  lol  I guess everything could have 0 views, so thank you...It bums me out a little when it comes to my artwork, but meh *shrugs*  I blog about and draw what I'm into or else to me there'd be no point in doing this.    

Last Unicorn WIP Pt 2

Trying to take each stage slowly so I don't mess up.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 3 at NJCon2012

I got up early to go to the Breakfast Q and A...I think everything started a little late though.  I was too shy to ask names, but a woman asked me about the John Passarella book I was reading.  I can't remember which Supernatural book she was reading...I do remember that I'd read it and didn't find it that bad.  She said it was boring to her.  To each her own.  :) I believe she was also the one who won the centerpiece contest.  Again, I really need to get out more, so stuff won't be so awkward... I used to be better at this...

The Breakfast Q  and A, I can't give a blow by blow, because I can only remember bits and pieces...I can give a highlight though, the speed walking.  XD  Jared was saying that he didn't think speed walking should be an actual Olympic sport, then a fan asked he and Misha to race.  I got a blur and I had to be fast to get that.  It's in my tweets, if I can figure out how to get it into the blog post I will, but it's extremely difficult to do a long blog post on the iphone.  It's probably way easier to do on an iPad, but Heaven knows when I'll be able to afford one of those.

I didn't take any video this time, again 'cause I was right up front and I wasn't feeling lucky/blessed about taping.  I did take some photos.  They're split between the phone and the digital camera.  It will take a while to put them up.

I had a headache for most of the day.  My dad out of the blue when I called him advised me to drink some more water.  Eerie.

The photo ops...I have a third, but I don't want to wait anymore.  I'll just add it when it comes and you can look or not.

The Creation volunteers at the photo shoot kept urging us to ask for a hug in the shot, rather than pose and then ask for the hug...That kind of thing confuses me.  The rules for everyone say don't ask for a hug, so I didn't.   I was going to do the one armed thing and then Jared Padalecki decided to smish, so I just threw both arms around him like that.   I can't figure out whether that's disbelief on my face or I look like I'm about to cry.  Probably some mixture of both...[I was "love" this time...idek, but again, I appreciate it.]

I got to meet John Passarella, which was awesome I don't want to give spoilers to Night Terrors for those that haven't read it, but his characterization is spot on.  I also loved his pacing.  There's gross outs in it though...If you have an insect phobia, I wouldn't read this.

This is my photo op with Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki.  This is what I meant by the one-armed thing.  Not that I didn't/don't appreciate that hug...  Both were very sweet.  

Misha's and Jared's Q and A...Again, I'm having trouble remembering everything,  I tweeted some as it happened and I also know there will be vids.  As far as describing it in my own unique way, if my brain weren't like a sieve, I'd certainly try.   The point where Jared was trying to get out of Misha's jacket and dropped his phone.  Misha looked like he wanted to hurt him for a second, but they handled it.  lol   Those books on lucid dreaming...I want them.  I can't remember which panel the top hat and camouflage paint came up, but that response was...I think it stemmed from Jared's response to a Zombie Apocalypse question.  Misha talked about GISHWHES...It looks like it's challenging but a lot of fun.  I wish I had the time, money, and wherewithal to get into it.

Edwin [He was volunteering for Creation.] told me he thought my name was pretty.  Love his accent...Love it.  I enjoy a lot of different accents, including British accents.

In Misha's autograph line...I got confused and thought Waking Life is a book, it's actually a movie, but he told me there's tons of books on lucid dreaming...I'm curious about this subject, so I think I'll delve into it.

Jared's autograph line...I don't remember saying much except for Thank you.  So he signs my photo...and I'm turning to leave and he thanks me for coming to the meet and greet and then you know what he does?  He winks at me and kisses at me...I wonder what my face must have looked like?  Deer caught in headlights?  A little smile?  My c'mon now smh thing?  Or some weird combo of all three.  I'm thinking probably the last one.  Him doing that made up for all the slights/snubs I encountered off and on throughout the convention from various fans and then some.

This is where the my Misha Collins photo op will go, once I get it.  I also have something to share about his photo op too.

The photo op didn't turn out quite the way I thought...Will post it and share my story anyway though.  Plus, also bear in mind Misha had to catch a flight.  To say the line for Misha was long was an understatement.  So, I reach him and he smiles and says, "And how are we today, Madam?".  I laughed and said fine.  So, we're both smiling.  I'm thinking that's what the picture is going to look like. Not so much.  I'm also doing that thing I do where my legs aren't as close as my upper body...I'm not sure why I do it...They rush us through so fast, that really the most I can hope for is not to blink and to hold the smile.  They also don't usually give you retakes.