Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WTF???!!! WTF???!!! Last nights Lost does contain spoilers...

I didn't even have to go to Angry Asian Man's blog to know he'd be beyond seriously po'd...I thought about him from the moment the sub drama went down...My mother would even have been mad at what happened to Jin and Sun. Sawyer has had his shining moments and his not so shining moments...But what would make Jack pick him over Sun and Jin? Another thing that puzzled me was I couldn't even completely see what Sun was trapped behind...and look at all the stuff they went through to get back to each other (time travel, being captured or split up time and again) not to mention they have a little girl at home...Sheesh! I don't even think Sawyer's going to like that when he comes to. He would have been none the wiser if Jack left him either... Hate to sound so cold, but the thought had crossed my mind. I wonder this won't alienate Cuse and Lindeloff(sp?)'s Asian fanbase completely. I've never seen Flashforward, so I have no idea what C and L do with the Asian characters on there. Racialiscious has an excellent roundtable on it though. And Hurley just broke down. That hurt too. I felt the same way he did. Hurt and shocked. I have to wonder if they'll ever deal with Walt again, or he just gets treated like an afterthought. What a crummy ending to a show I used to love. It's going to take a lot to redeem this show in my eyes, and frankly I just don't see it happening at all.

And don't even get me started on Sayid! Again, WTF ????!!!!

I forgot to check who specifically wrote last night's episode, because I just want to yell. Yell at all the parties responsible. Will there ever be a popular/cult favorites series that features minorities and treats them fairly? Is that too much to ask? Guess all us minority writers better get to writing, huh? Minority viewers and actors need us now more than ever in Hollywood it appears.

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