Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost finale (Spoilers!!!!!!), BP mess now screwing up Louisiana's Wetlands, Bret Michaels, Brittany Murphy's husband, etc.

So much to blog about today...

Last night my local news kind of took me aback, because on one station they actually put Lost finale news ahead of everything else. And people wonder why so many don't have their priorities straight...I'm a hardcore Lostie (I've got Dharma labels, subscribe to the mag, I'm a member of The Fuselage...own a copy of Bad Twin and everything, but at the same time, it's not all I eat sleep and breath...I know there's a world out there...I'm not saying all Lost fans don't, but every fandom has truly scary people in it that can't prioritize...Why encourage them?)

The BP oil spill...This terrifies me, because I fear one of these days...for whatever reason...there will be nothing anyone can do to clean up their mess...and then it's just going to start destroying the food chain from bottom to top...With pollution and not enough recycling, we're already doing enough damage and now this? I'm just really scared...For those of you out there wondering...I do recycle daily, both at work and at home...But I don't get on a soapbox at anyone about it, because I definitely don't like that being done to me.

Bret Michaels winning the apprentice...I don't know how to feel about that, because I didn't watch the whole season...I don't want to think it's a pity win...Goodness knows that man's been to hell and back he deserved something...I was never really a huge Poison fan ( back when I was into metal, I preferred harder edged bands with more eclectic sounds, like Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Living Color, ...)I liked a few songs hear and there Somethin' to Believe In comes to mind at the moment. I remember funny stuff like that comic that Revolutionary put out where Guns N' Roses get into a pool fight and Hugh Hefner's mansion...I've watched a Season of Rock of Love too...I hope his health improves...

Brittany Murphy's hubby...Until more details are released I don't want to speculate too much...but I feel like there's something hinky about that whole thing...If it was suicide...I just find that incredibly sad...

Finally, my take on the Lost finale...I was a bit disappointed...It wasn't hard to see the purgatory allusions...A lot of people predicted it. I was not one. :) About all I was sure about was that it was not Vincent's dream...I feel like a lot of new territory that could have been explored wasn't. What was up with all the Ancient Egyptian glyphs particularly the ones on the flipping counter in the Swan station and the huge statue of Tawaret? (Must've been a flimsy a#$ statue for a wooden ship to break it.)...Jacob and the Man in Black's foster mom sure didn't look Egyptian.

I didn't expect to have every question answered, but to leave things that were such a huge part of the initial seasons hanging in the air like that? It nagged at me...(It's not hard to imagine why I will probably turn to fan fiction to fill the void...)

Where the h*#$ was Walt????!!!! Yes, actors age, but he'd have aged on the island too. They could have chalked it up to the electromagnetic forces anything. Everyone's hair grew...Why wouldn't a child grow?...I don't understand that.

The fact that there was no Ana Lucia, Mr. Eko, or Michael and Walt in Jack's version of heaven disconcerted me too...What's up with that? Why is Rose the only Black person in the whole church? Then I also had to wonder...wouldn't Sun, Jin, and Sayid depending on their religions have their own ideas of heaven (I guess the stained glass window was supposed to solve this problem...but I'm still just not satisfied)? It was said that this was a place they all created for each other...but I felt like it was just a pretty way to wrap everything up in a neat little bow, and please the romantics in the audience...and don't think I didn't tear up a little, but at the same time the gears were turning feverishly in my brain. It's like Cuse and Lindelof took a page from Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones. It had bits of something else in it too...I could remember last night, but for some reason I can't remember now.
Someone on another site also brought up the fact that the MIB/Flocke was killed before he could have a shot @ redemption...He seemed to far gone to me, but that's just my take...

Ben...I'll never be able to suss him out...The way he risked his life to save Hurley's...I can't figure out whether that was him being maniuplative so he could use it later or he was genuine...

Boone...It would have been sad not to see him, but I just felt like he was just so much eye candy last night...I wanted to post a picture of him from last night maybe I can find one later...(What tripped me out is someone out there probably was watching and went "Ooh Damon Salvatore! Not realizing he was Boone first.) :D
I thought that scene where Desmond was putting the light out bordered on cheesy and I can't quite put my finger on why...
Was it really necessary to have Claire give birth in the concert hall to have things come full circle? Something about that felt a little too staged to me...It's like Cuse and Lindelof were trying a little too hard to get things to come full circle.
No Nikki and Paulo? lol
Was the island ever really underwater? I don't see how it could've been.
I have favorite seasons (1, 2, 5 and 6)...
That beginning and ending coming full circle thing...I loved it but at the same time I thought it was a little too cute.
I almost forgot about the Target commercials...I don't know which made me laugh harder...The computer one or the smoke monster one.
All in all, I guess it couldn't ended in a worse way, but I felt like it could have been a bit better too. I'll be curious to see if the alternate endings are for real...I set the DVR for Jimmy Kimmel, because I had to work today...And my boss was going to pitch a fit if I called in. The money's worth it though, so I think I'll suck it least for now.

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