Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lost contains spoilers.....Can't believe there's only one more episode

Where on earth do I begin?

The reason Jacob picked Sawyer, Kate, and ...I sort of figured that out on my own...bizarrely I feel somewhat let down.

Did not expect Widmore to get killed. :(

Ben reverted back to form...or maybe he never changed...I believe he's an opportunist plain and simple. I was hoping for his redemption...I guess not.

Jack stepped up to protect the island without a peep from the other three(?). What was that all about? I don't even think he gave anyone else time to say anything...

How many of y'all were half hoping Rookie Blue was Sawyer's, Miles's and Ana Lucia's new show. (Missed seeing Michelle Rodriguez...Her part was too short for me, but at least she was there.)

I enjoy how in the sideways world almost everyone seems to be happy and/or fulfilled.
Wish I knew what was going to happen with Kate, Desmond, and Sayid...there endings might not be so happy. :(

If I think of more I'll add it...

Wonder if my text will appear?

I wish my mother had been able to see the end of Lost. It started out as something we watched together and we caught it from the very beginning which was rare...We didn't have the same taste in TV shows either, so it was odd and beautiful to find something that clicked with both of us that we could watch together. I miss her so much.

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