Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well ain't that a #$*!

Last night I was all set to watch, or at the very least DVR Happy Town, then my freaking cable box stops getting a signal. I don't fool with the equipment and stuff like that doesn't just happen out of the clear blue sky. Needless to say I was pissed. Then the first tech I got on the phone didn't seem to know what she was doing...maybe she was a newbie, or hadn't gotten a call from someone in my situation. I was trying to cut her some slack, but I was beyond irritated. Then my cell phone drops the call. I had to call back and then the couldn't even send someone out same evening, because I'd call too late.

May 1 is Free Comic Book Day...When I first heard of it (when I was a freshman in college 1991?), I got all excited, but most comic book shops don't give away anything really cool. Unless they give you like some new underground comic from a name people haven't caught on to yet...

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