Monday, April 5, 2010

I Don't Like Mondays...

Got up this morning thought I was doing ok, because I'd laid out some of my stuff. Arrive at work only to find I've packed my salad dressing in my little insulated pouch, but not my salad ( I had to bottles of water and peach tea inside the bag and a breakfast sandwich. I thought the salad was at the bottom of the bag and was sadly disappointed. What I think happened is I opened the fridge with the intention of getting the salad and set the salad down to get the drink, thinking I'd grabbed both in the back of my mind.).
Someone saw smoke on the Metro Orange line train I was riding this morning. I smelled burning rubber, but said nothing, as that's not an unusual thing. Sometimes conductors will go the whole trip with the burning rubber smell. Everybody smells it, and we get from point A to point be just fine. It sort of makes me wonder if everyone on the train doesn't have some type of death wish or just in some type of apathetic zombie like state (as most of us are on our way to a workplace that one way or another is a drag, I'm assuming it's the latter.). It's still dangerous though. And it worries me.

Dr. Murray's trial is today. Can't believe his defense wants to claim Michael Jackson killed himself. WTF??!!! As fast as some of those medications hit a person, how would he hook up his own IV tube, etc.???!!!!! That's such bull! I hope this dude gets just what he deserves. }:( He shouldn't even still be practicing medicine. Anywhere. I'm participating in the Tweetathon for everyone that couldn't physically be at the courthouse as much as I can. I hope they don't let him go. He needs to pay. No matter what punishment they give him though, sadly it won't bring Michael back, so I'm just in a very dark place emotionally about the whole thing.

Not much else going on...

I'm wanting to spend more and more time out on my balcony. My aunt recommended some more flowers I can put out. Sadly, my pansies have bit the dust. My tulips appear to be okay though. My aunt recommended petunias, vincas (which I've never even heard of 'til now.), and impatients.

Heard about the earthquake in Mexicali...All these makes me wonder...and not in a good way either.

Supposed to be pretty warm tomorrow and Wed. I'm gearing up for the insanity.

Am trying to make the time to draw this week, but I can't seem to focus the way I'd like. I forgot which one of meds that's a side effect from, but it's a pain in the @#%*!

Oh yeah! I saw the video with Lady Gaga and Beyonce with the Kill Bill and Thelma and Louise references in it. I forgot the title of the song, but the video was a trip. I love them both so much! (I'm comfortable enough in/with my sexuality to say that. They're beautiful and they come up with some crazy stuff, I like that. Why hate?)

Have fallen head over heels for Craisins. Maybe this will help keep me away from the pastries. (I've been a really bad girl as far as excercising goes. To me walking and climbing stairs doesn't count, because I have to do those if I want to go anywhere.).

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