Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I thought...

I thought I would have this out of my system with a post or two, but I guess I underestimated myself. Then, that documentary aired again last night, the one that got Michael Jackson into even more trouble than he was already in. It was hard enough to watch it without cringing when he was alive, but now...

There were some things I did understand where he was coming from on...like being hit with a belt if you didn't get something right. Disciplining is one thing, but it wouldn't have killed anybody if I never learned how to skip. So what! My whole P.E. grade wasn't based on that one unit. My father saw fit to hit me with a belt, until I mastered skipping (As a kid, I was never that good at sports, I'm still not. Although, I am a fast runner. Way faster than I was in school. Funny how stuff like that works.). I think we went past my dinnertime and past my bedtime, until I got it and he was satisfied. To this day, he doesn't see anything wrong with that, because that's how his parents raised him and it was the only way he knew. In my mind though, I think there's a happy medium between letting your kids run wild and wearing their behinds out over something that isn't life or death. That's a huge reason why I don't want kids, with my temperament, I don't trust myself not to become a spanker too.

Isolation...Isolation messes with social skills something awful.

And that lady that made Michael Jackson feel ugly (or at least contributed)...I wonder how she feels...Does she think he should have had a tougher skin? Is she one of those people that forgets that celebrities are people with feelings too? Maybe she doesn't care. Maybe she feels really bad, but for me, it was definitely food for thought. That leads me to something else...

Why do fans mob certain celebrities? I call myself a fan of certain people, but I wouldn't want to hurt them by pulling on their hair. I wouldn't want to rip their clothes off or make them feel uncomfortable. I never got that.

I figure I'll be blogging about Michael Jackson off and on as new details are made public, and Ebony, Jet, and Vibe do their tribute issues. (He's been featured in Ebony and Jet forever, so I think tribute issues from them are inevitable. If Time had one, I know they will. People might as well. Depending on what I find at my dad's, I will definitely invest the money in all of the above. I spent about $20.00 at the newsstand today. I'm thinking about doing a drawing or painting, but I haven't decided yet. I wish I knew the truth about the molestation, that would settle me one way or the other.) His birthday would have been in August, so no doubt people will still be talking about him then as well.

Racialiscious, Jezebel, and Feministe all have excellent blog entries on their feelings about Michael Jackson's passing. A lot things that I struggled to put into words, they did beautifully.

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