Monday, June 22, 2009

Hodge Podge # 1

Hodge Podge is the title I'm going to use for posts that are about a bunch of things, but I'm too lazy or rushed to come up with a creative title. ;D

Some girl/woman has signed up to follow me on Twitter, which for the life of me, I can't imagine why. The list of people I follow is so eclectic. And on top of that, I'm a lousy microblogger. I don't microblog about the mundane. Therefore, instead of the 65 blog entries I have here, I probably have tweeted something like 15 times at the most. Dollars to doughnuts this person will get tired of me, just like the last person that decided they wanted to "follow" me. If they're not one and the same. Maybe, I'll link that page to this page or something like that...That way if they want it, people have a choice...If not, I'm no worse off than I was before.

Had to move some more doctor's appointments around. Oh joy!

I'm gathering boxes for the move I'm contemplating. And I have finally gotten it through my thick skull that big boxes are not always the best boxes. (ie. You have to be able to lift the box after you actually pack it. I guess my reasoning at the time, was look how quickly I got so much packed away. Then, when the time came to lift the box...)

I've got a viewing or showing for an apartment (however you refer to it) on Saturday. The property I'm really looking forward to seeing I have to apply for, closer to the time I'm actually moving in. I would think that would actually lessen my chances, particularly with apartments close to the University of Maryland-College Park as new students head back to school, but that's just me.

I found out about Slash what he's doing for the mute swans in Chesapeake Bay last week. That really tickled and touched me. He signed an autograph for me a long time ago. "Happy F___in B-day!" My birthday is in the same month as Slash's. Anyway, I never forgot him for taking the time to do that for me. (I think I still have it, if it wasn't in one of those boxes that got destroyed when the roof leaked in my bedroom closet at my dad's apartment. If it's destroyed, I may have to start up some correspondence...) I just recently found out that Slash is on Twitter. I'm now "following" him (That doesn't sound right. I wish there was a less creepy way to put that.).

While we're on the subject of guitar-playing dudes, I also found out what Micki Free has been up to since leaving Shalamar(I'll say it again, Unsung is one of the best shows out there.). Not only was I surprised, but I was impressed. (Man, do I miss going to PowWows. I've also got to remember to ask my rheumatologist. If horseback riding is alright again. Sometimes, I get so rushed or distracted I forget to ask all the questions that I really need to ask my doctor. It's sad.)

I also did get clarification that I had a maternal great-grandmother or a great great grandmother who was half-Chinese (Gran Lee). And you wouldn't know it to look at me either. I think that is so wild. :D So, now I know that besides obviously being African-American, I am also part Eastern Chickahominy as well. The puzzle pieces are coming together. I love it. To have a picture of Gran Lee would be awesome. I'll have to ask about that.

Another air bed has bit the dust, so I'm off to the store this evening to replace that. (I know airbeds are not for long-term use, but until I know I'm at a place, I'm going to be staying for a while, I absolutely refuse to buy a "real" bed. Especially since I will be the one responsible for moving it. I've found one company that says they will not only move my stuff, but drive it to it's destination for me as well. [I don't/can't drive.] Most things that sound too good to be true usually are. So, I'll believe it when I see it, I guess.)

Have managed to duck/avoid the older gentleman that keeps popping up in places I frequent and making me feel uncomfortable at my job (Complementing my appearance, touching me on the arm in greeting [being touched by strangers just makes me nervous. Period.], Admitting that he watches me...). I'm trying to find a polite yet tactful way to discourage him, and so far have come up with nothing. I wish he'd get tired of me soon though, because my nerves are shredded.

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