Tuesday, September 1, 2009

P****d Off

This still isn't the post about this past weekend, but I saw something this morning that reminded me of something that ticked me off this past weekend.

During their Michael Jackson day of programming E! had this Forbes special on. When I saw what the title was I was p****d.

So today, I log onto MSN.com, because I've got a Hotmail addy under my real [or government name if you like ;)], and I see Michael Jackson's credit score posted. }:(

Is it me? Or is there something terribly and absolutely wrong about that?

Most of the white musicians that I remembered passing away last year were British (Mitch Mitchell, Richard Wright)...I don't know if they treat credit the same way there.

I would have to do a little homework to find someone comparable that was white and passed fairly recently that made an impact on the world even remotely close to Michael Jackson's that didn't get there credit score posted for the whole world to see. :( If anybody out there knows one, post it in the comments thread.

Race is definitely a factor here, but it isn't the only factor. Bo Diddley, Isaac Hayes, and Sean Levert passed last year were their credit scores posted? No. Maybe they didn't spend the same and they didn't earn the same, but still some stuff should remain private.

I thought maybe with Michael Jackson's passing, people would stop going after him in a negative way...I see now that they're not...they're relentless...and I just can't comprehend that...It's like these vultures wake up and think "Gee! How much more of this man's dignity can I try to strip away today?" As I get older (I'm pushing 40 now), it's becoming harder and harder to continue to see the good in people...sometimes stuff happens to give me hope, like seeing all those people watching the Michael Jackson Memorial in all those different countries and singing, and dancing and crying...or when I'm not doing well, and someone on the street stops to see after me, but it seems like those things come so few and far between... this world shouldn't be like that.

I also don't understand why some people decide to go after the people who least deserve it, just because they don't fit under some nice neat label/box/category...I don't think I'll ever understand that, if I live to be a 100.

I guess if I have to look for something "positive" in all this, at least people with similar scores can see it's not the end of the world and you can bounce back. Still,...I don't think that was the motive for Michael's score being posted though, and that's why I'm angry.

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