Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle Groovy Cat, How I Wonder Where You're At

I was looking around on eBay the other day and I spotted someone's auction for a hand-painted clock carriage that Michael Jackson once owned. He'd written something on the inside back wall of the clock carriage (I'm sorry, but he's got really distinctive handwriting. If that was a forgery, it was damn good.). Anyway, the verses go like this: I'm keeping his phrasing and everything:

What I've never had
I cannot lose

What I've got
I didn't choose

And what remains
is just the truth

That hides away
from me and you

2-5-99 MJ

The first two lines, obviously are self-explanatory. The second two, I'm not sure whether he means his fame, his illnesses or both...maybe something I'm missing altogether....

The meaning of the last four lines escapes me...It's wild to me that he would write this in silver paint pen in the back of a clock carriage...Is it some type of riddle that has to do with time? I'm probably reading way too much into it...I just keep stumbling across these little mysteries as far as he's concerned. I'd be lying if I said these things didn't make him all the more fascinating to me.
The seller was even wondering about the significance of the lines and date, because even she didn't know...
The title to this post comes from The Simpsons episode "'Round Springfield" (Episode 22, in the 6th season of The Simpsons, this is also the ep where Bleeding Gums Murphy dies and the dude at the record store marks the price up, when Lisa tells him.)

It's kind of funny, if it hadn't been for The Simpsons, I never would have found out who Pablo Neruda was. What is that poem that mentions a puma?...."I Crave Your Mouth"...
Before this starts to dissolve into stream of consciousness, I'll stop.

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