Friday, August 14, 2009

Charlaine Harris's Dead and Gone

For the most part, the book moved pretty quickly. I liked it, but at this point, I'm just as confused as Sookie about Bill and Eric...I'd like to hear Eric's reason for why he didn't come to her aid instead of Bill, before I make up my mind, and then, depending on the reason, I might not be able to do it even Just when I thought I had it all figured out...

Bubba...I was glad to see him. I was over on Vampire Wire, and someone in the comments thread for the True Blood TV series said that they missed the fact that his character isn't on the show. I sort of do too..., but he'd be kind of a distraction...I'd give an example, but I don't like where my thoughts are headed...It's a sad, creepy, scary place filled with longing and regret and I'll leave it at that.

Can't say I was sorry to see Crystal go, although I was sorry for how it happened.

Faeries...I knew about iron, but I'd never heard about lemon juice before...interesting.

To have Dermot resemble Jason...I thought that was an odd choice, but it worked. Kind of hoky, but I grew up on 60's, 70's and 80's sitcoms, so it's nothing I haven't seen before.

I thought it was very cool the different reactions to the weres and shifters "coming out". I thought it was done very realistically as well. Just about any group considered a minority could probably plug themselves in the plot there and it would still fit. I don't mean that to be flippant either. The "Other" in literature, TV, and other media is almost always a reflection of some type of phobia society exhibits towards [insert group of choice here.]. I think that's part of the reason of why I never completely left my love of paranormal literature behind in my teens. I can still identify with the outcast, and I don't think I'll ever stop...

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