Thursday, July 16, 2009


When I get to where I'm going to move, I'd like to put plants on my balcony.

The Examiner this morning (I don't always look at it, but sometimes I find a few interesting things in it.) gave me another idea to play with. I found a tip about birdbaths and butterflies. As ridiculous as it sounds, I never considered the fact that butterflies drink at bird baths too. In the article, the writer suggests "creating a safe footing for the butterflies" by putting sand, small pebbles, or a sponge in the water. She also tells how you can make "homemade nectar", by making a four parts water to one part granulated sugar solution. I'd like to see if that works..., if it does, I'd like to take a picture of the butterflies that do land and post pictures of them here.

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