Monday, June 21, 2010

To say I have a really bad feeling about this is an understatement...

MJ 777 has brought some facts to my attention that have really shaken me...I also saw something in a publication put out on newsstands called "Remembering Michael" that shook me too...I wish they hadn't photographed it...I don't know whether they included the photo of the bloody shirt to shock or to open people's eyes or both...I also think that if the whole thing with the propofol hadn't gotten Michael, those 50 shows sure might've. I don't care how well he was keeping up with the 25 year olds (Yes, he did a fantastic good job!). He was still a 50 year old human being with chronic health problems...Sometimes people treated him like he was a little windup doll or something... I loved to see him perform, but I didn't want to see him drop dead. :( I'm not sure the extent of his money problems and it's none of my business, but that type of just unconscionable to me, and that these people can still look at themselves in the mirror? I don't get it.

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