Wednesday, July 21, 2010 commentary on True Blood

A lot of interesting stuff is being said...Some of it I already commented on here...Lorena and Bill, and the violence against women in general (as bad as it was last season, it's really terrible this season.) Other things, I missed entirely, like Eric calling Lafayette RuPaul.

Tara this season...I definitely don't like how it almost seems like a rehash of last season...I don't find a character like her unrealistic though...I'm isolated like that...Very few family members (dysfunctional and scattered across states.) I can count on and very few close friends (Black, Hispanic, and White). I don't get why Black people feel the need to be all one thing across the board...I don't think that's realistic, particularly in this day and age. I also wondered at people fussing about Tara and Kenya being angry and oversensitive...I'm like that and I'm real, but that's just one facet of me. Hopefully, Ball and Harris will explore other aspects of Kenya's and Tara's personalities so that these issues can be addressed. Doing that and keeping the story tight is probably extremely difficult, but I know it's not impossible.

I love that Lafayette might have the chance at something nice.

Anyway, check out the article and comments here:

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