Monday, August 9, 2010

True Blood "Night on the Sun" Contains Spoilers!

Where do I begin?

Tara...she'll be ok. It took her a while to snap out of it, but she's human... I love how Lafayette is there for her. Sam was there for her too last night. It made me long for what they could have had first season...

Jason and Crystal...I know where that's heading, don't want to give too much away, because I've read the books.

Jesus and Lafayette...Wish we knew more about Jesus...Guess the reveal will be slow if at all...

Ruby a trip. I'm dying to know what Lafayette's special power is...I don't think it's metaphorical and I so don't want this show to jump the shark.

Eric...I'll never be able to figure him out. I think that's a tremendously good thing. I knew he had revenge on his mind, but the way he went about it.

Hadley...I'm wondering if they'll diverge from the books with her too.

Sam's Mom...As heavy as she made that suitcase look, I would swear she left out of there with more than what they came in with.

Arlene...I almost feel sorry...

Jessica...She catches on fast and she wants to learn...I love this first I didn't think I would, but she's definitely growing on me. She didn't sit there and cower after King Russell was through with her either. I loved that! She turned the tables on Gus (I'm going to miss him...). I wish she and Hoyt would get back together.

Bill and Sookie...I know it's an old song, but everytime they start up Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" just keeps playing in my head.

The fight between Sookie and Debbie (Man! That woman has a potty mouth!)...I enjoyed it, but I can't help wondering how they'll top it. If they even can. (Again read the books, but the show still keeps you guessing with how it differs.)

Alcide...When is this man going to get some love? Don't think I'd be half as concerned if I didn't need a bib just to look at him, but still...WTF?!