Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Night's True Blood ep "I Smell a Rat" or The Truth Comes Out (Contains Spoilers!)

Calvin--Forgot Crystal's dad's name, I think it's Calvin, but he's an ass.

Crystal --I loved that reveal. Too bad we have to wait until next week to see more of Jason's response.

Lafayette and Jesus--I like how that was filmed. It was kind of trippy and I also feel like there was some social commentary going on there. Vodoun, Native American religious practices, South American American and Carribean religious practices seems like there's more in common there than isn't if you follow what I'm saying.

Sam--That was kind of jarring to me to see him as a grifter. It also put his response to his family in a different light. He wanted to help them, but at the same time, he seemed to want to distance himself from that shady part of his past. I think he also sees a lot of himself in Tommy.

Hoyt and Jessica--I hope they're back together. It made me so happy that Tommy wasn't able to come between them. I'd like to see him with someone good for him, just not Jessica. I also loved it when Jessica let Arlene have it. I don't think it sunk in, but still. :)

Bill-- I want to believe he loves her, I really do. The burning cross on his and Jessica's first I felt odd about it...Then I realized Bill and Jessica were both made vampires against their will. I wouldn't change mine for a second, but race/ethnicity can definitely be something, that you're given a hard time (understatement I know, but please bear with me.) over if you're the odd one out, that you didn't pick. I think other minority viewers will have interesting things to say about this as well. It also wouldn't kill Ball to add some more minority vampires. Was Diane staked? Or is this just a matter of that odd TV thing where a "white" show only has so many characters of color perhaps because they have few writers of color? This is definitely stuff I think about regardless of how much I'm enjoying an episode.

Sookie--I knew her secret, what I found funny was her response to it.

Eric--I didn't know whether he was having everybody on last night, or he really was feeling down. I don't know what to make of his "true" feelings for Sookie either. I don't even think she does.

Arlene--I was so proud of her for finally telling Terry the truth I didn't know what to do. I wish she wasn't so dead set on getting rid of the baby or thinking it's evil. I think that ultimately will be the thing that destroys things between her and Terry.

And Terry --Rare are the men who would do this. He is truly one of my favorite characters on the show.

Alcide --No Alcide last night. I'm truly po'd. (Unless I blinked and missed him which I doubt. I don't blink when I see him. Period.)

Tara -- I didn't expect her to respond to Jason's confession last night the way she did. I know she confronts Andy next week though.

Pam -- No love lost between her and Sookie I see.

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