Thursday, December 3, 2009

Robin Thicke

They had an article on Robin Thicke in the Express Wednesday. I didn't know he was on his fourth album. I only have the second. I'm so far behind on my cd purchasing that it's not even funny (but other things are taking precedence right now.), and I love his music. I also didn't know that he did hip-hop collaborations too (I listen to more R&B, so I guess that's why.). Very interesting article. I love the video to Sex Therapy too (If I may respectfully say so, Ms. Patton is a very lucky woman. I hear that they are expecting their first child as well.). I also just saw the the video to "Lay back" and 106 and Park on 12/14/2009. I want this and Alicia Keys new one...I hemmed and hawed about putting this photo up, and decided why not...

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