Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Put a little dent in getting my mother's things to her sister...My sis asked for something as well (it's odd, I almost left without this item yesterday, and then I wound up getting guided to it. So, I know my mom is still there if that makes any sense...), so as soon as time and money allow, I will be making the trip to the post office (I wish they weren't short staffed right now. Service sucks depending on when you go in.). I saved some things too, but most of it I don't have the space to keep, or any use for...There's lots of children's clothes and toys for example...If I can get that boxed up and sent to the Salvation Army in time for would be such a wonderful thing! That's the goal I'm aiming for. There are both "old school" and fairly new types of toys...

I haven't been able to find my mother's writings yet...I figure I'll look for that next trip...

I wasn't able to save my mother's Asian parasol. :( I don't know whether dry rot got to it or what, but I was so disappointed when I tried to open it yesterday and it couldn't be salvaged. :(
I've got a theme in the works at my apartment, and it would have gone perfectly.

I figure if I can just space this out over weekends and annual leave days...I can get this done...Still over 30 years of accumulated stuff between 2-3 people...That's tough when for whatever reason(s) you don't have a lot of help. It's not that I'm not grieving either, but I would rather not wait until I have double the grief to deal with, because then, something tells me this task will become even more daunting.

Pictures will come later...I can't afford a digital camera just yet, and unless one has an iphone or a Droid, I find the quality of cell phone pictures is still craptacular for the most part.

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