Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Yesterday I was messing around on YouTube! and I liked a video in the wrong profile [It was a long day is about all I can say in my defense.] I have two profiles on YouTube! I have one that's under this name and general. The other is Vampire Diaries focused [QueenNyx40]...I didn't necessarily want to unlike the video to correct the error and I didn't see a button that would shift stuff back into neutral. I'd love to get into making fanvids, because I've got some fun ideas...with anything though, I bet good editing, etc. takes practice though. I've been painting more, but I'm still not satisfied as far as scanning something to show. Then there's a lot going on, not a lot of which it would be appropriate to discuss here. I also may have another photo shoot in the works, so a lot of stuff has just been put on the backburner. This would also account for the spaces between blog posts. I've been on Twitter way more than I have facebook too, which is kind of funny considering I didn't even like Twitter at first. :) That just teaches me to never say never I guess...

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