Monday, September 12, 2011

True Blood Season 4 Finale When I Die - My Thoughts- Spoilers people!

Seems like this season just flew by.  :(

Still unhappy about the Mavis thing. 

Jesus - When they first introduced this character, I wasn't sure of him.  But as the episodes went on, I grew to enjoy him and his relationship with Lafayette.  I truly hated to see him go last night.  It felt so convenient and cliched.  I also liked having a season where for once there are quite a few characters of different ethnic backgrounds.  (Native American, Hispanic, and African American...I loved that.  I really did.)    I would have liked to have gotten to know a little more about Beulah before they offed her too, but that's another post. 

Marnie - All the trouble she caused and people she hurt and she gets to go skipping off to the afterlife?  Really?  I'm sorry, but the no one ever listens to me riff just doesn't cut it.  I could relate to her and her anger before, but not once she'd started taking lives.  

Andy - I find it ironic that Holly was dressed like a fairy, when she and Andy met up.  I think that fairy woman is coming back to collect, it's just a matter of time. 

Terry, Rene, Arlene, and baby Mikey - What is Alan Ball even doing with this storyline?   I don't even think he knows. 

Pam - Again, I sympathized. 

Ginger - I love her.   She wasn't glamoured into hugging Pam, which makes me wonder...
Maybe she and Pam have a thing like Jessica and Jason?  I don't know, but I think the hug was sweet. 

Sookie and the triangle or is it a quadrangle now? -   Is it bad that the main focus of the story is not only annoying me, but boring me to tears? [I'm thinking of Pam's rant now and smiling.]  This is similar to the problem I'm having sticking with The Vampire Diaries [Stefan/Elena/Damon forever and always...].  When stuff picks up with the secondary characters, if the triangle thing is getting redundant, I can just kind of tune it out.  I think the only reason the triangle thing never drove me bananas on BtVS, was because eventually Angel left town and other male and female characters were brought in to keep things interesting.  I think TB needs another female to be added to the mix to keep things interesting.  [Not another Lorena or Queen Sophie Anne...someone entirely different.]

Nan - Can't believe Eric killed her.  BAMF Eric is definitely back. 

Alcide - I just felt so sorry for him. 

Debbie - She had it coming. 

Jason and Jessica - I didn't expect Hoyt to be down with them being together.  :(  I'm not sure how I feel about the casual arrangement though.  That blood bond is going to complicate things. 

Sam - Shapeshifters are kind of a ragtag bunch in Bon Temps.  Who's going to help him out with the fallout from killing Marcus?  Alcide won't wuss out, but that's still like to dudes against an army.  :(   Maybe Luna knows some folks ? 

Lafayette - Doesn't he deserve a break?  At the end of Seas. Eric snatched him up for dealing V.   Season 2 was the mess with Maryann and the Eric hallucinations.  Season 3 he caught something of a break once he met Jesus, but now he finds out he's a medium...And Jesus never did get to show him how to keep from being possessed again.  I suppose he could channel him or something, but it's not the same.  :( 

Tara - Again, basically the same the same question I'm asking about Lafayette only with a substitution of pronouns applies for Tara as well.  I'm not saying other characters haven't had a rough time of things, but she was dealing with her Mom in the first Season, then there was the whole thing with Maryann, then she loses Eggs, then she is preyed upon by Franklin...She escaped Bon Temps for a little while,  but since the relationship she established was built on a lie, I don't think it would have been a truly healthy one unless she came clean.  As much as she doesn't understand Sookie's decisions sometimes, in the end she still sticks by her, which is what we saw last night.  I just hope she doesn't wind up paying the ultimate price.  I also think that if she is dead, even if it's just temporary and she's resuscitated, Laffy will know before anyone else.  It would be a devastating blow for him to lose both his man and his cousin. 

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