Tuesday, August 9, 2011

True Blood Seas. 4, Episode ? (Contains Spoilers)

Jason - I'm both relived and disappointed that he's not a werepanther.  I think I understand why Alan Ball did it though. 

Tommy - Just when I feel sorry for him, he winds up doing something messed up.  :(

Luna - I know she didn't know Sam well.   But I'm going to hope that when Sam explains what happened, Luna is able to be of some help to Tommy.  I also wonder if Tommy even can be saved at this point. 

Maxine -  I don't get her at all.  I just don't.  If Tommy had any remorse about taking her money from her before, he won't now. 

The Ghost lady/Mavis - I want to know who she is.  I wonder if it's a Bag of Bones type deal?  I want to know what's up with the dolls and how is it that Mikey [?] can see her?  Does seeing spirits run in Arlene's family?  Or Rene's?  So many questions!  I also wonder if it wouldn't have been better to give her a season all her own if she's that powerful of an entity. 

Eric - His answers turned out to be just the right ones...As much as I love this version of Eric.  Once he gets his memory back, I'd like him to be some kind of combination of the two.  I don't think it'd be at all realistic to have him, just go right back to being exactly the way he was. 

Andy and Holly - That could work, but only if he kicks the V...It's a pairing that I didn't see coming, and I actually kind of like it. 

Alcide and Debbie - I think I like this version of what happens between them a bit better than what happens in the book.  As far as Alcide and Sookie hooking up...Not from the way this ep ended, but I'll admit part of me would like to see her with a "supe" other than a vampire.

Marnie/ Antonia -  I hope whatever/whoever Jesus and Lafayette brought back from Jesus's abuelo is strong enough to take her down, otherwise they're in trouble.

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