Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Blood Seas 4, Ep. 4 I'm Alive and I'm on Fire...Contains Spoilers!

I didn't realize that what I tweeted about spontaneously combusting last night kind of fit in with the title of the episode last night.  Funny when you think about it.  :)

Jason - I felt so badly for him...  I'm glad ? cut him loose.

Crystal - I just don't even know where to begin...At first, I thought she was scared, impulsive, and indecisive, now I know she's just crazy.

Marnie- I was wrong about her...She's getting jerked around almost as badly as everyone else.  I'd love to know more about Antonia.

Luna- She's got a kid...Didn't see that coming at all.

Bill- Portia's related to him...I think I remembered some of this stuff from the books [It's been a while since I read them], but I didn't think things had gone that far between them.  [Eww!   Beyond awkward!]

Pam -  I've never seen her shaken up like she was last night.  Antonia/Marnie is going to be a formidable Big Bad for this season, no question about it.

Jessica - I loved her for noticing Jason last night, because Sookie seemed oblivious.

Sookie - Ok, now granted she's got her hands full with Eric, but it would've been nice for Sookie to wonder where Jason was or something.  I don't know exactly how long he'd been gone, but...that just bothers me...  It also bothers me that she didn't freak out more over Eric draining Claudia.

Eric - I want to gush, babble, and squee here, which is something I never do with Eric, so kudos to Alexander Skarsgard.  Once he gets his memory back, it'll be interesting to see how he'll change, if he changes at all, etc.

Alcide - One of the best things that happened to this show...Starting back up with Debbie, when he's still clearly got feelings for Sookie is going to cost him.  [This is a no brainer, whether you've read the books or not.]

Debbie -  is a ticking time bomb.

Joe Lee - I'm not liking what he and the mother did to Tommy at all.  If he just had half a chance to get his stuff together before it's too late...As far as Sam goes, I can't figure out whether he's just oblivious or underestimated just how rotten Joe Lee is.  I see this turning out tragically and I hope I'm wrong.

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