Monday, June 13, 2011

Can't believe...

Can't believe I only posted one entry for May 2011.  I've got to do better.  The more I take on, the more difficult it is to find time for everything.  I've also been drawing again...Somebody on tumblr suggested Corel Paint 11 or 12 to me, but I saw the price for 12 and I was like...Whoa! [or Woe].  :(    I can't do that, put aside money for savings, and go to Conventions [Right now it's SPN].  I don't know what type of advancement, if any I may get this year, but that only goes so far, even with cost cutting.  I may just go ahead and stick with 11.  Before anything though, I have to get to the bottom of my Windows 7 problems first. It's like it's installed halfway or something, if that's even possible.  I'm somewhat good with technology, but nowhere near as good as I'd like to be yet.

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