Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sorry it's been so long since my last post...I've been swamped at work and will be swamped some more as I've got a co-worker who I back up, who will be out two days in a row. At least having a lot of work makes the day go faster. : D

We have a co-worker who has started the glorious tradition of a candy dish at work...Lately, I've been avoiding it, but my eye happened to fall on a Tootsie Pop in an unusual color wrapper...I pick it up and it's pomegranate...When did Tootsie Pop start making pomegranate flavor lollies???!!! I took it of course. X D I think that's so wild... I didn't think they got that exotic.

I'm trying to update my facebook and get on Twitter, but most weekends I'm just drained...I'm hoping that changes as the weather warms up. I'm trying to eat more fruit and excercise more and see if that doesn't perk me up, but right now, it's just not happening. (I've got relatives probably pissed at me for how little I get on facebook...What can I say? I was never a social butterfly...I was and still am more of an introvert.) The shrink I went to yesterday says that I have "self-esteem issues". That may very well be...She wants me to go to therapy too...It can't hurt, but I've been down that road before...

Was looking at the weekend section of the paper...and I got a better look at the Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland...I don't really like looks like something out of a horror movie I've seen, but I can't remember which one, but that's Tim Burton for you. :D

Beyond going to see Alice in Wonderland, not much else is doing with me. I'd like to get some more chairs for my apartment, but beyond that...I'm just trying to take stuff as it comes and respond accordingly.

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