Friday, February 18, 2011

My thoughts on The Dinner Party (Contains Spoilers!)

Bonnie - Had she handled the whole Luka interrogation scenario differently, somehow I don't think her powers would have been stripped.  :(

Luka - What'd he do go running home to Daddy?  Or did Daddy just know?  Either way, it still doesn't make him look all that great.  Also, do male witches and female witches have different strengths and weaknesses?  I feel like he should have been better able to defend himself or at least smell or taste that he'd been slipped something.  After all, he tricked Bonnie into thinking he'd destroyed the moonstone.  Bizarre...I also feel like what Elijah was saying about people from Massachusetts having settled where Mystic Falls was first ties into this witch thing somehow. 

Jonas  - Can witches that aren't related just waltz up and bind up the power of another witch just like that?  He's either got a scary amount of power or They're related somehow too [I hope that's not the case, because I feel like my disbelief has been suspended all it can be as far as this is concerned.    One positive thing I can say about this part of the storyline, it's certainly unique.]

Elijah - That was just crazy last night. I'd elaborate more, but I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said elsewhere.   I don't think he's "permanently dead" though, so hijinks will ensue.  Until I see ashes or a decapitation,  I remain hopeful. 

Elena - She surprised me again last night [in a good way].  We also saw her drink some of Stefan's blood last night, so I'm thinking that the groundwork has been laid for her to become a vampire.  Still not sure if it'll be next season.  Elena has an immense capacity for forgiveness. 

Stefan - It was odd seeing him as the bad one...[Not that I didn't enjoy it. I don't believe for one moment that he was worse than Damon though.  I just don't. lol]  This also reminded me of Stefan's journals, particularly Vol. 2.  [Again even though this series of books is newer, the show doesn't seem to be sticking with the books.]

Jeremy - I'm not sure how I feel about Jeremy being so smitten with Bonnie he practically can't see.  He even tried to intervene when Jonas showed up ticked off, which wasn't smart.  He was just as impulsive with Anna, but still I'd hate to see him wind up hurt [again]. 

Jenna -  I know why she's upset with Alaric, something tells me if she knew the whole story she'd be even angrier, because her life was put in jeopardy because of what she didn't know.  Still I love Alaric and Jenna together. 

Alaric - I've got a really bad feeling about him giving up that ring and I just can't shake it.  I also like how he told Damon off too.  Happy he's finally getting some action again, but I just worry that it'll be at a cost. 

John - This dude has to aspire to be pond scum, he is just that low.  I'm really curious to see what he's getting out of the deal he made with whoever.  And I bet if he thought he could make better profit switching sides, he would.  He is one of the villains that truly make this show worth watching.  Excellent job David Anders!

Andie -  I just kept hearing Kanye West's Runaway the whole time she was in a scene with Damon, only with The Televixen's lyrics [Let's throw toast at the douchebags...Thank you for that! Can I say again how much I love Twitter?].  Does this Andie go to work anymore?   Hello deadlines?  Breaking News?  Good grief! smh This part of the plot is just so hard to watch, not that it was any easier with Caroline... I never thought I'd hear/see myself say this, but I actually miss Rose [Don't miss the water 'til...]. 

Damon -  He's either going to get it or he won't.  Also will we ever see an ep where they bridge the gap between how he got from being who he was when he was human to the Damon he is now?   [Does the period hair get worse with each flashback or what?]  

Katherine - I don't know if Andie was home when she appeared.  I hope not, because I get the feeling Katherine would have only too much fun compelling her or worse. Can't believe it was so easy for her to manipulate Damon, then again considering who we're dealing with here...Yeah, I can. 

Tyler - I miss him.  :(

No Matt or Caroline

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