Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling more than a little bit sheepish

Just looked and realized I've started drafts to ideas since the New Year, but not an actual post.  Sorry about that.  I've just started up on tumblr too.  I want to learn how to create my own theme, but that may be a ways off yet.  At the very least, at least a fire has been lit under my a#*!

Came from a visit to the optometrist this week and found out on top of being nearsighted (since I was 7 or 8)...I now have astigmatism.  It would definitely explain some of the trouble with figure drawing I had while I was sitting in on that figure drawing class though.  :(   I'd like to give it another shot and get some new glasses whichever my vision is best in, I'll just use that when I'm in class. 

May have another photo shoot next month, which if all goes well will be the gateway to more shoots. 

Gearing up for EyeCon...I'm more than a bit frustrated, because I still can't find a dress for the Masquerade Ball I'm in love with yet.  I'm also on the fence about whether I should wear something short or long. 

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