Friday, January 28, 2011

The Descent (contains spoilers)

Overall yesterday's episode kind of had that uneven feel for me again, but there were definitely moments and performances that I loved.

Bonnie--wasn't shown, but someone (can't remember who) wisecracked that had she been present, she'd have been able to save the janitor from Rose.  smh

Jules - This woman is scary...Imagine the damage she, Bonnie, Lucy, and Katherine could do if they teamed up.  lol  I knew she was going to be trouble, I just had no idea how much.  She actually reminds me of a less skanky version of Veruca on BtVS...She looks on regular humans as food and sees no reason to feel guilty about or to hide what she is...[Someone brought up the question in one of the chats or during a call in, that we don't know how she came to be a werewolf.  ie. She doesn't seem to be a Lockwood, so what's the deal?]  Also, I have to wonder if the werewolves aren't divided into two factions like the vampires [Is there a faction of werewolves that doesn't like to prey on humans either? ].  Did Mason come back to Mystic Falls because of Katherine?  Or was it something else?  Mason locked himself up during the full moon, clearly Jules believes in doing no such thing...Interesting stuff indeed.

Matt- He may have actually got equal time with the fireplace last night, but it's still an improvement from not seeing him at all.  I'd love to know what would've happened if Caroline and Matt hadn't been interrupted...Although Caroline might've confessed to being a vampire, she might've just wound up compelling Matt the same way she did her mom. 

Tyler and Caroline - I love them together.  I don't usually go for that doomed love thing either, but I love Candice Accola's and Michael Trevino's chemistry [Not saying that she and Zach Roerig don't have chemistry, but it's not the same.].  Must admit, I'm a bit nervous for Caroline come next week though. 

Also...since more werewolves are coming to town, the vampires and werewolves will be so busy facing off against each other, that I figure it will make them easy pickings for Klaus.  I'm also not sure where Elijah's allegiance [Try saying that one five times fast won't you?] lies. 

Stefan -  The building up a tolerance to Damon in on this too?  I think it could serve both of them well.  I also missed the fact that Damon was looking for Stefan at one point and couldn't find him...I'm on the fence as to how to interpret his absence. And yes, I do know Paul Wesley was injured thus his scenes were limited.  I'm not sure if this was an episode that was effected by that, but it would make sense. 

Alaric - I truly miss when they gave him more of the action. 

Oh yeah, that phone number last night...I knew something was up when they didn't do the 555 thing, but I still didn't call it.  [I'll partake in the whole breaking of the fourth wall thing some other time.  But I love the idea.]

I don't recall seeing Jenna...

Elena - I may have said this before, but I still can't figure out whether she's really brave, really compassionate, really stupid or some combination of all three. 

Rose --Lauren Cohan did an excellent job with what she was given.  A less capable actress might have made Rose's deterioration comical or melodramatic.  That didn't happen last night.  I actually felt down last night about losing a character, that I was at best ambivalent toward.  I loved the scene where they're in the field...I didn't cry though.  Not sure why not...A lot of people said they did cry...[I sleep, therefore my soul is not missing. Yes, I'll stick a Supernatural reference in here if I want to.  I love both shows. ]

Janitor dude--I started to get upset and then I remembered the couple in the car...Seems like nothing makes you cannon fodder faster in Mystic Falls then stopping to inquire after someone's well-being (Vicki, Jessica). 
Lesson One:  Keep it Moving and holler back "I'll call 911!" It may not save you completely, but it might by you a few precious seconds. 

Damon--Damon's bedroom...It wasn't what I expected at all. I kind of see why he wouldn't want to spend a lot of time in it.  [The picture Tasha painted, on last Saturday's I HeartTVD [online] radio broadcast made me smile.  I've been thinking about it off and on since last night's ep.]  The paintings, particularly the one of the man in the hat, really creeped me out. 

Gone With the Wind...Oddly, my parents introduced me to this film...I never read the book though...I'm interested to see how the two differ, but it's something I have to be in the frame of mind to do...Obviously, it's going to be very heavy/painful stuff to get into...

He was very tender with Rose and it was just like I thought...guilt was mixed in, but I think he felt for her too, because she risked her life/unlife for him.  She also missed being human like he did...I think they gravitated to each other for more than just a hookup, whatever they were telling themselves. Granted what he felt for her wasn't the same as what he feels for Elena, but he still felt for Rose.  [Damon can enter and manipulate dreams too, huh? Who knew?]

The meltdown...I kind of figured it was imminent when that kaleidoscope of emotions started to flicker over Damon's face when Elena was hugging him.  I just didn't know the extent of it...I feel like I've seen something similar from him, and I can't think where...when he was torturing Mason in Plan B maybe.  You also see hints of it once he and Stefan are in that room with Katherine in Masquerade [alcohol just seems to make it worse.], like he's just barely keeping a lid on it.  From the books, it makes me think of the part in I think it's Shadow Souls that refers to the little boy guarding something in Damon's subconcious...I also think that Williamson, Plec, and co. like to tease us with little nods from the book, but not really committing to it [I've said this once, and I'll say it again, I think all bets are off.]. 

The "lost" references...I don't know whether that was intentional or what, but I found that jarring.  Inside jokes are cute and all, but not when you're being hit over the head with them.  Then again, it could've been purely coincidental, I still would've done a rewrite though.  Overall, I don't feel like the last scene was ridiculously hammy...I felt badly for Damon and yet at the same time, I felt this odd mixture of sorrow, wanting to laugh, scream, and yet being oddly titillated at the same time. [and then per Tasha, I pictured him eventually going back to the house, passing out and Stefan throwing a blanket over him. lol]

Have heard that there will be tragedy regarding Tyler and Caroline and another character death or two ahead....I'd anticipated more character deaths, but at the same time, I'm dreading it.  [Excellent writing when a show can get you so emotionally invested in the characters.]

Man!  Have I missed typing these up.

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