Monday, November 22, 2010

RL intrusions...

Sorry I've been so slow posting my thoughts on Katerina
I started it the day after and then all types of drama ensued...I may speak more on some of it and a later date. 
Then my [former] chiropractor has been giving me a hard time about wanting to seek chiropractic services elsewhere.  Pardon me, but isn't it the patient's right to choose what's most convenient for them?  Last I checked it was.  I don't like the tactics he uses to persuade people to sign up with him.  If he doesn't use intimidation, it definitely comes pretty close.  }:( 

Then my "new" doctor's office is trying to shake me down for money after the health insurance co. already paid.  I'm like WTF???!!!!    Does everyone think I'm made of money? 

Work...I don't even want to get started on a rant about that.  :(  About the only way I can think of to help myself get through it, is to take several deep breaths and say "It could be worse", which it definitely could. 

I've been so drained lately, I've barely had time to read like I usually do. 

I did paint some last week though.  I'm hoping to get some scans up within the next few weeks. 

I also finally got my second photo shoot done.  I'm anxious to gain some experience, but I realize I need to be patient and a lot more flexible.  More self-aware too probably...The whole thing is definitely a learning experience...But I guess you could say that about life in general. 

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